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CVLTURE | Sideman – Episode #001

CVLTURE | Sideman – Episode #001

CVLTURE | Sideman – Episode #001

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Sideman is a former BBC 1Xtra broadcaster, comedian and content creator known for his comedy sketches and cultural commentary. Sideman discusses how he landed the 1Xtra show with Charlie Sloth, why he had to quit the show over a race row, Black Lives Matter and life during lockdown.

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Welcome to CVLTURE – The weekly show that brings you inspirational, shocking and sometimes hilarious stories from celebrities, innovators and unique characters from around the globe. Be a part of the journey with rapper/entrepreneur Nik Nagarkar as we pull back the curtain to explore the world as we know it, challenge our thoughts and shine a light on how culture shapes who we are and how we move through life. Created for the CVLTURE by the CVLTURE…

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