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CVLTURE | Mark Dempster – Episode #007

CVLTURE | Mark Dempster – Episode #007

CVLTURE | Mark Dempster – Episode #007

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Mark Dempster is a former drug smuggler and addict turned addiction counsellor. Mark has 16 years personal experience of addictions to drugs and alcohol and over 19 years now of recovery and working in the addictions treatment field and now has a clinic in Harley Street, London. In this episode, Mark talks about his journey through addiction, working with celebrities, the reality of drug smuggling and his road to recovery.
Mark Dempster’s book, ‘Nothing to Declare: Confessions of an Unsuccessful Drug Smuggler, Dealer and Addict’ is available here: https://amzn.to/2RjYzke
Also available as a podcast on all major platforms.
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