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CVLTURE | Kerry Daynes – Episode #033

CVLTURE | Kerry Daynes – Episode #033

CVLTURE | Kerry Daynes – Episode #033

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Kerry Daynes is a forensic psychologist with over twenty years experience of working in prisons, secure hospitals, courts, and police stations, and also in the community. Kerry first started working as a psychologist in some of the country’s maximum-security prisons and medium secure hospitals. She is now a best-selling author with two publications.

In this episode, Kerry goes into about her experience throughout her impressive career. She talks about the mistreatment she received from Prison Guards early on in her career, some of the shocking cases she’s been involved in and the mentality she feels we should adopt when it comes to criminals. They discuss the dehumanisation of criminals and the crazy truth of what a Psychopathy test may tell you about successful business people, military personnel, and politicians.

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